Student FAQ

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How do I sign up for Master Clinician Network?

  1. Go to and click on "Sign Up".
  2. Click on "Student Registration".
  3. Fill in all of the information (leave registration code blank), read and check the box agreeing to our ethical and privacy standards, and click on "Submit".
  4. Enter your credit card information. Be sure to use the name that is on the card and the correct billing address and zip code (this may be different from your current address).

What is the cost of a membership in Master Clinician Network?

  1. The one-year student membership fee is $35.
  2. The two-year student membership fee is $45.

How do I complete a clinical observation?

  1. Sign in to Master Clinician Network
  2. Check your "Office Page" to see if you have been assigned a video to watch
          a. If you have been assigned a video, click on the name of the video (skip #3 below)
  3. Click on the "Clinical Videos" menu
          a. You can use the drop down menus to search by age, disorder, clinician, patient, etc.
  4. Click on a video
  5. Click on the "Background" and "Summary" tabs to read information about the client
  6. Watch the video
  7. Click on the "Observation" tab and complete all of the questions
  8. Click on "Submit"
          a. When you click on the "submit" button, you are affirming that you have watched the complete video and answered the questions independently.

How do I send observation reports to a specific faculty member?

  1. Select the name of the faculty member from the drop-down menu at the bottom of an observation report and click submit (or select "All Faculty")

What happens after I submit my observation report?

  1. The name of the video, duration, date submitted, status (pending or approved), and reviewed by, will be listed on your office page.
  2. Your name, the video name, date submitted, and status will be listed on your faculty's office page.
  3. The total number of observation hours (pending and approved) will be updated on your office page.

Can I revise an observation once it is submitted?

  1. Yes, go back to the observation report (click on the observation tab below the video), make the changes and click on "submit". The report will be updated on your office page and on your faculty's office page.

How do I know if my observations have been approved?

  1. Once your observation has been approved the "pending" on your office page will change to "approved" or "resubmit".
  2. The total number of observations (pending and approved) on your office page will be updated.

How do I know if I have an observation assignment?

  1. The name of the video, date assigned and name of the faculty who assigned the video will appear under the heading "Assigned Videos" on your office page.

Can I print a copy of my observation reports?

  1. Yes, click on the icon next to the observation (on your office page) to download a copy of the observation report.

Can I print a summary of my observations?

  1. Yes, click on the "Summary of Observation Reports" button on your office page to download a summary of your observations.
          a. The list will include an updated total of your observation hours that have been approved or are pending.